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Re: Vids: Enterprise-F HD (and CrossOver Prologue)

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The prologue for CrossOver sounds pretty interesting though. Does the story behind the Masters have any basis in an actual legend?
I'm trying to imply that we get many of our historical legends from stories about this world, but that the distinction between it and Earth was lost long ago.

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Now that I think about it though, if a ship went missing, would a search not be made (not unlike how the Enterprise was sent to find the Columbia in the original pilot)? It also seems very clear that either spacecraft managed to survive the crash, or the survivors (or the descendants of the survivors) managed to build their own craft, so am I to assume that the craft carried on board aren't FTL capable, or capable of sending a distress call to the nearest outpost, nor did no-one on board who could engineer an FTL drive or a sub-space communication equipment with enough range survived?
A search was likely attempted, but proved fruitless. The sun is a "rogue" star, and as such does not appear on any maps.

The ship was demolished in the crash, and the survivors lost a good deal of technical knowledge in the following generations.

A powerfully charged magnetosphere prevents ascent beyond a certain altitude.

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The design of the ship doesn't look like any Federation vessels I've seen (in fact, it looks more like a flying city, not unlike Atlantis), so I'm guessing this is not set in the Star Trek universe.
Quite correct. It's a colony ship, specifically a penal colony ship, though I didn't want to get into that with the prologue. I also didn't mention that humans are not the only race the Masters brought here. Other "aliens" live below ground or along the border.

This is all subject to revision, so if you see any holes please let me know. I'm trying to nail down a final draft of the script by the end of the year so I can start story boarding...
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