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Re: The Maquis or the Federation?

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I'd probably decide that choosing to live on a disputed border world near a hostile power probably wasn't the smartest move I ever made.

Sorry for not replying to the rest at this point, I'm about ten seconds away from crashing.
It always came off as they were settled there before the worlds became disputed.

To me, this really comes down to the fact that the Federation surrendered these worlds without the consent of the populations that have already been established there. Once the treaty was signed, the Federation was basically going to forcibly relocate their populations, possibly even violently.

The question is not would you stay or go. The question is did the Federation government have the authority to violate the rights of the colonists "for the greater good" of the Federation.

That's not really the way decisions in a democratic society work. Tiny minorities(and that's all the Maquis seem to be, a tiny minority of the Federation) don't get veto power over every little decision that gets made.

You say that they did it without the colonists' "consent," but presumably a democratic government that the colonists got to vote for or against DID make that decision.

What you're describing seems to be more like nullification, basically that a minority group in a government can just disregard whatever proper and legal decisions a government makes if they don't like them.
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