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Re: Vids: Enterprise-F HD (and CrossOver Prologue)

NebulaClassGuy wrote: View Post

Could a Mod please delete the above post? I had to remove it because no matter how much I edited it, the HTML code I had used in trying to explain the YouTube linking messed everything up.

Anyway, I absolutely LOVE this ship! I came across it on the Concept Ships blog a while back, before I signed up here, but didn't know who designed her. Great job! Any chance we can see a set of high-res orthos of this beauty?
Glad you like her Oodles of extra material here, including orthos:

Jeff O'Connor wrote: View Post
That's some bangin' Mass Effect music!

It's actually Two Steps From Hell, isn't it? But I always associate it with ME.

Anyway, looks really... interesting. Takes some getting used to, but I approve.
2SfH gets used for eeeeeverything
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