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Re: Why Did Gene drop Christopher Pike?

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Personally, I think "The Cage" was one of Star Trek's most interesting episodes. It's much deeper and introspective than, oh, say, "And the Children Shall Lead".
I think, ultimately, that was the problem. Pike was a guy who, in the pilot, was tired of being a captain, tired of the responsibility, and wanted -- or thought he wanted -- a quiet life on earth. Can anyone imagine Kirk being the anti-hero of "The Cage?" Not possible. Kirk is a guy whjo *must* be in command, *must* have that responsibility. While I think that makes Pike more realistic, more human, for the kind of adventure show NBC and Roddenberry wanted, I think in the end they needed Kirk to be the captain, someone who isn't going to question his own command abilities.
Well we're viewing Kirk through the lens of three seasons of TOS and six or seven movies. But if you look at the Kirk from those early season one episodes he's not all too different from Pike. With Pike we only have that one episode. IIRC, the Cage was just one of the possible stories they might have used as a pilot. I wonder what our view of Pike would be it they used on the other ideas.
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