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Re: Cast The Inevitable Batman Reboot

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No one immediately comes to mind for the reboot, but three requisites stand out:
1. He should be under 30.
2. He should have the acting chops to convincingly play the emotionally-scarred vigilante as well as the bored playboy.
3. He should be strong enough to carry his own films (as Batman) but wise enough as an actor to scale it back and be an effective part of an ensemble (Justice League).
So, your first requisite would have eliminated Christian Bale before he started shooting Batman Begins, alongside Michael Keaton before Batman and pretty much every other actor who's ever played Batman.

And incidentally, it also eliminates Joseph Gordon-Levitt now, in case anyone's been wondering, as well as the majority of actors mentioned in this thread, with the exception of Arnie Hammer and... Taylor Lautner.
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