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TIL that when you take an umbrella with you because the weatherman says it's about to pour buckets, nothing happens. But when you don't take one with you just to walk down the road and buy a gallon of milk, you get wet.
The answer? Carry a very small umbrella. One that is easy to tuck into your briefcase, laptop bag, or pocket book.

Actually, I always keep a spare umbrella in my car, and keep one by the door on my way out so I remember to take one... if rain is in the forecast.

TIL that buying shoes on-line is a hit-or-miss affair, if they're a style you've never bought in person. Each shoe maker introduces its own subtleties to shoe sizes, whereby a good fit is not guaranteed just because the size matches what you normally wear. So, unless you buy them with a free return (Amazon [conditionally] and Zappos do this), it's best to try them on in a store before buying on-line. And actually, if the shoes aren't much cheaper than on-line, I'll buy them in the store anyway. It's great to have them promptly and also help support the local economy.
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