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Re: The Maquis or the Federation?

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There is absolutely no indication that *those* Cardassians, led by Gul Evek, would ever turn around and do something like arm their colonists to provoke a shooting match. I find it very likely that Evek would never have authorized this, and would in fact be disgusted by it.
This is also the same Gul Evek who in DS9, tortured and killed the man who bombed the Bok'Nor, and seemed to be covering for the Cardassian colonists in "Preemptive Strike" when he paid lip service to "taking measures" to dealing with their colonists who had armed themselves.

Furthermore he's also the same Cardassian who had O'brien arrested under fabricated charges of assisting the Maquis. Heck in another episode, "Playing God" I think he wouldn't even help DS9's crew with any tips on fighting Vole infestations.

That all contradicts his behavior in "Journey's End" when he was acting like such a nice guy then. I'd say it's more likely he was doing exactly what Hudson was, being the one who was secretly leading the Cardassian colonists against the Federation citizens in the neutral zone and probably had official support behind the scenes being they were so eager to use Dukat as their fall guy.
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