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Re: THE HOBBIT (2012/2013): News, Rumors, Pics Till Release

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Yeah, it's been awhile since I read the books - even when I saw LOTR it had been three or four years. That certainly helps make changed details smoother. My brother had just finished The Two Towers before watching the movie. He seemed surprised that Faramir came off as kind of a dick compared to the book.
That was my biggest gripe about the whole trilogy: changing Faramir. The whole point about Faramir was that he didn't give a flying fuck about the Ring. The complete opposite to Boromir.
Yeah, I agree. I thought it would play well for people to expect the worst and he turns out to be ok. But I also agree that even Gandalf could be tempted so it was a bit unrealistic.

But it bugged me the most - more than the army of the dead (which I remembered having a role, but I guess most have felt their role was too large in the movie).
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