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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

With the new series, they decided to provide a lot mor ebackground material than before (sort of like the treatments Star Trek started to get as time went on).

The entire Earth Fleet at Pluto has names and numbers. meaning that if someone had models (CGI,metal, or palstic) they could label every ship. The only thing they'd need to pay attention to is coloring, since the Earth ships are rather colorful with lots of red, yellow, white, and grey.

Of course the names on the hull are in Japanese script....

UNCN First Fleet at Pluto in January 2199.

1 Kongo type Battleship
Kirishima (BBS-555)

8 Murasame type Cruisers
Atago (CAS-226)
Abukuma (CAS-229)
Yugiri (CAS-253)
Nachi (CAS-702)
Murakumo (CAS-718)
Ibuki (CAS-741)
Tsurugi (CAS-777)
Yakumo (CAS-890)

12 Isokaze type Destroyers
Isokaze (DDS-101)
Ayanami (DDS-103)
Shikinami (DDS-106)
Shiranui (DDS-114)
Yukikaze (DDS-117)
Ayase (DDS-119)
Fuyusuki (DDS-147)
Minazuki (DDS-148)
Hatsushima (DDS-149)
Kagerou (DDS-164)
Shimakaze (DDS-172)
Tachikaze (DDS-216)

Two other known ships:

Murasame (CAS-707)
Yamato (BBY-01)
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