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Re: The Maquis or the Federation?

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Apparently you're ignoring the part where the colonists were intended to be relocated and -at their request- were given the -option- of staying where they were under Cardassian rule.
Now forgive me, since I don't have all the details on the treaty, so I am basing this on personal opinion from what I saw during my viewings of DS9.
Well, there's the rub. The concept of the Maquis had its genesis in a TNG episode (Journey's End). And yes, in that episode, the colonists themselves brought up the idea of living in the DMZ under Cardassian rule. It was their own idea. They wanted it. They did not want to move. So the Federation didn't make them move (though they had the right to).

Basing one's opinion on the Maquis on DS9 episodes alone, isn't going to give the whole picture. DS9 did not tell you that the colonists willingly chose to live in the DMZ under Cardassia's control. Only the TNG episode did that.

And I'd just like to repeat that the mere fact that the colonists DID choose to live there, knowing they'd be ruled by Cardassia, is of course not intended by me to be a justification as to what the Cardassians later did. But as I said, the initial negotiations - again, in the TNG episode in question - appeared to be quite reasonable. There is absolutely no indication that *those* Cardassians, led by Gul Evek, would ever turn around and do something like arm their colonists to provoke a shooting match. I find it very likely that Evek would never have authorized this, and would in fact be disgusted by it.
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