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August 2012 Challenge - Competition


The past couple weeks I have been really enjoyed watching the worlds finest athletes compete at the Olympics. I was also glad that Rush Limborg joined me in submitting a story in the July challenge to make it an actual competition (and a very close one). With that in mind, the theme of the August challenge is “Competition”. Competition can draw out the best in us in a quest for achievement or bring out the worst in us from a desperation to win. It can be friendly, or it can be brutal.

Write a Star Trek story about competition. You may define competition as one on one, team on team, nation on nation, or any way you like. You can write about anything from a Parrises Squares tournament to a race between the Romulans and Federation to control a new technology, as long as competition is central to the story. The specifics are the same as last month.

10,000 word count

May be any series, time period, etc.

Original characters, series, and the like are fine.

Deadline is August 31st.

I wish you all luck on this month's competition!
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