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Best twitter client?

I'm kind of doing a 180 here - I have been thinking of jumping into the whole Twitter thing. I was wondering what is the most well thought of Twitter client among everyone here.

The ones I was looking at were:

- The stock Twitter app. It's free, and available for all my devices - iPad, iPhone, Mac OS X. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be able to sync across these devices (meaning, if I read a tweet on one of my devices, the other ones won't remember how much of it I've read).

- Twitteriffic. This is a bit pricey ($4.99 for the OS X app, and for the iPad/iPhone app if you don't want ads) but at least it can sync across all three via iCloud.

- Tweetbot. Unfortunately, NO OS X app at all (which is not exactly a dealbreaker, but it does suck). Is available for iPhone and iPad, but in separate versions (unlike the stock Twitter app and Twitteriffic which both have 'universal' ones) for $2.99 each.

So given this, I'm leaning towards Twitteriffic, but I just wanted to gauge opinions here too. Also, are there any other good Twitter clients that I haven't thought of? If so what are they?
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