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Re: Ziyal is having more surgery

My heart sank when I first saw this thread title and it's taken a bit to be able to actually open it.

Hope the new surgeon can make things right for you, Ziyal. You've been through so much lately and it's saddening to see a step backwards.

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So I took myself to a very experienced wound care doc, and he referred me to this new plastic. Described him as the surgeon he would go to "if it were my ass." hehehe
That's a question we should ask every doctor we go to: "What if it were your ass on the line?"
I did that a couple of years ago when my dentist spotted something wrong during a dental exam and my GP in turn referred me to a specialist to get it biopsied. I asked him who he would go to or take his family to. He responded by telling me that his Physician's Assistant was already setting up my appointment.
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