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Re: Total Recall - Reviews, Grading, and duiscussions, SPOILERS

I thought this was a great sci-fi actioner. The set design, SFX and costumes were all top notch. There was good world-building, tech advancement predictions, etc., and I appreciated the post-apocalyptic world that was more Bladerunner than Fallout.

The actors all did good work. Kate Beckinsale was a great villain and so insanely hot it got distracting at times. The panty shot was movie gold.

I didn't notice a problem with Colin's accent and I'm an American. If for some reason his accent wasn't as pure stereotypical American as the usual movie accent, I would say you could chalk that up to the Federation being a melting pot of survivors of WWWIII. There's no reason for everyone to have the same flawless accent. But again, I didn't even notice the difference.

The action scenes were epic, with vertical running gunfights to cool maglev car chases, an elevator chase reminiscent of something from The Cube, a zero-g shootout and plenty of knock-down, drag-out close-quarters battles.

Other than the questionable decision of the Chancellor to accompany the initial wave of invasion and a bit of monologuing/gloating by certain villains being their undoing, characters behaved logically and the plot was decent.

I had no problem with The Fall. It bent around the core and went mostly through the mantle, was built presumably before WWIII using super future tech and linked the only two territories to erect what must have been atmosphere shields of some sort to avoid the clouds of chemical poisons sweeping the globe. It was actually nice to see some different powers survive in a post-apocalypse. I figured from the previews that it would be jumping between China and the US, not a Northern Europe dominated by Britain and Australia.

Comparing this to the original Total Recall and choosing a winner is difficult for me. Arnold's was a product of the 80s (coming at the end of that decade), and revelled in dark humor and grim ultraviolence. This latest version is very 21st century sci-fi, all slick and frenetic and very pretty, with some nice homages to the original. I love them both.

Final Grade: A (Arnold's TR: A)
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