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Re: OT: THe Dark Knight Rises by Greg Cox

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You don't want to put so much effort into explaining it away that you call attention to the plot hole or whatever
Ha! I was yesterday reading the Broken Bow novelization by Diane Carey, and this exactly describes it. She goes out of the way to explain things that don't really need it and it actually makes the problem worse. An example is when T'Pol is talking to Trip and says the comment about the sensors being less sophisticated than the ones played with by Vulcan children. She adds in a line about Trip thinking "Why did she say that? We both know Vulcan children don't play with sophisticated sensors" or something like that. There were a number of places in the book this took me out. I realize she didn't have much to work with in that script, but drawing attention to all the weaknesses just makes them more obvious instead of fixing them.
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