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Re: TNG era episodes into movie transitions idea..

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Paramount and the shows runners were extremely shortsighted. I seem to recall the reasoning had to do with wanting the TNG movies to appeal to wider audience. They feared if the shows tied into the movies, those who didn't watch the shows would somehow be confused.
This is a legitimate concern. Deep Space Nine wasn't exactly burning up the ratings, it was the Trek series underdog. Miring a TNG movie with DS9 continuity would require exposition that would be ultimately pointless in the grander scheme of the film. No standalone movie needs a TV series to set it up.

Besides, would the producers of that series really want to set aside an episode, or scenes of their show for an unrelated movie with a different cast and characters? From what I recall, Ira Behr and crew hated the Defiant being pummeled in First Contact. And aside from getting Worf on the Enterprise, what good would it really do? Fans of the series would know a Trek film was coming, they wouldn't need the series to do a primer. The TNG movie audience and the DS9 TV audience were, in many ways, two different beasts.

Also consider, at this stage of the game, video sale and syndicated reruns were now a fact of life when planning a Trek TV series. Why would they take an episode to set up a story that would never be shown in the context of the DS9 rerun schedule? There would be that gap of "what happened to the Defiant" and then people who didn't see First Contact would have to seek it out. Meh.

For die hard fans…sure it would be kind of cool to link the franchise, but on a business level, it was probably better to keep the films and TV series separate, except in the most oblique ways with cute character crossovers that don't make a difference to casual filmgoers. If Worf didn't go to DS9, that whole Defiant sequence would never have been made, losing that crossover. The movies exist outside the other series mainly because they aren't run in syndication packages. They get played anywhere, at any time. They have to exist on their own. That's why it doesn't matter the Dominion War wasn't really addressed except in passing in Insurrection. Once the movie is out of theaters and DS9 was off the air, Insurrection could have taken place anytime during that general era.

Anyway, Lursa and B'Tor were on DS9 for an episode setting up Generations and it wasn't even a good episode. They felt out of place in a fairly obvious attempt to connect the dots. I'd much rather see the respective series left to their own devices.
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