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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

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Patrick Stewart is the star of the series and takes home the biggest paycheck. The audience goes to see him, not some twenty year old marine no one has ever heard of before. This is just the simple fact where a movie isn't going to match reality in this type of situation.
I wanted to see the crew, not just Picard. The only reason he was taking home the biggest paycheck was that he was now a bankable actor thanks to the Xmen movies. Everyone thought that Patrick Stewart alone would be enough to rake in the money needed to make Star Trek Nemesis a success.
  • The writers wrote the story around him.
  • They made a villain specifically for him.
  • They indulged Stewart's love of driving by incorporating the random and pointless dune buggy chase.
  • They turned him into a brashing Han Solo by shooting bad guys in hallways with a hand gun in one hand, and a rifle in the other.
  • They write a stupid justification for Picard stopping Shinzon alone for no other reason than "it's something he has to do" i.e. It's Picard's show.
  • They retcon one of Picard's biggest character growths from the TNG series run by having Picard tell Shinzon that his heart is exactly the same as his.
  • Instead of a nice farewell shot with all the crew, or at least a shot of the new crew of the Enterprise (which was shot), or Picard giving us one final speech on what he believes in, they end a whole era with a close up shot of Picard just walking down a hallway in silence.

And what did the film makers achieve by having Nemesis focus entirely on Picard? Something that William Shatner almost did when he directed Star Trek V.


This movie turned Star Trek into something that the fans didn't like, and something that new comers couldn't get into. And the ironic thing is that all of these missteps were done for the sake of making this movie appealing to the mass market. YOU CAN'T DO THAT when you're hyping your story to be the end of an entire era!
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