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Re: Star Trek's Catwoman: M'Ress

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That Arex looks awesome. I'm surprised because usually even the starship scenes in those fan films aren't very good, and that stuff is easy in comparison.
Apparently, you've never watched Phase II/New Voyages.
No, I've never seen Phase II, obviously. But New Voyages I saw one of, and while it wasn't bad, it wasn't that impressive either (lots of little flaws). However, in one of the recent videos posted for Phase II in this thread, their starship animations looked pretty awesome, so I guess it makes sense that Arex looks pretty good.

Seeing it in motion is always the biggest deal though. He did look a little bit more fake and his waddle was pretty liquid looking, but overall for a fan film it's pretty fantastic, and that extra arm is blended in very well.
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