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Re: UT:TFV - Part II - Scorched Earths

Cobalt Frost wrote: View Post
Niiice. I am totally loving the story.
Agreed. Your descriptive talents are unparalleled. I saw the entire engagement quite vividly in my mind.

Gibraltar wrote: View Post
Wouldn't the streets have run purple with Klingon blood though?
Heresy!! I should smite you, or cast you out... or something.
I must admit that the same thing struck me. I was going to suggest "magenta", as it seemed a reasonable compromise between purple and red.

BrotherBenny wrote: View Post
A link to the whalesong probe? Most curious.
Another detail that I felt very nicely conveyed just how powerful the Amon are. If they can take on and defeat the Borg and the Whalesong probe, who could stop them?

Nicely done.
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