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Re: Did Pete even make sense?

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I'm not a Jack/Sam shipper per se, or anything like it, really, but the amount of hinting at a relationship between them over the course of eight seasons, and then sprinkled in throughout the remainder of the franchise to-date, just seemed really silly to me.

I'm not as well-versed on my franchise lore as I used to be, but didn't Sam insinuate she was with Jack at some later point into SGA or something, too? Except I seem to remember it was written as, "it could well be Jack! But maybe not." It's just like... good lord, man. Stop teasing the poor people, stop teasing the poor characters too (yes, i know they don't exist, but geez!), and if you are going to finally state that she might be with him, freaking show it so the shippers can all unanimously quiet down into a bunker of pure transcendence and the matter can at last be laid to rest.

The last few years of the franchise had major problems with showing all sorts of things, though, really, so it's no big surprise I guess.
I'm beginning Season 10 now, on my first full rewatch. shortly after dumping Pete, she was hanging out at O'Neill's house, and O'Neill's CIA (I think?) girlfriend dumped him, because it was obvious he loved Sam, and Sam does imply in S9 that she's in a relationship, so, yea, I think it's pretty clear they got together
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