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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

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Let the court enter exhibit A:

"The Schimitar was built at a secret base"

The Remans are slaves, and a human science experiment turned prisoner somehow gained their trust and overthrew the Romulans guarding their prison. A stretch, but somewhat plausible.Building a spaceship more advanced than the Federation Flagship at the ROMULAN IMPERIAL CAPITAL?

BULLLLLLLLSHEEEEEIIT. That's like prisoners at Guantanamo Bay constructing a stealth bomber from scratch without the US military finding out.
It is nothing like "prisoners at Guantanamo Bay constructing a stealth bomber from scratch without the US military finding out", Shinzon was a war hero who had built alliances within the Romulan government and military and no one here knows just how deep those alliances ran.

Exhibit B:

The USS Enterprise under Picard's command was not only the Federation's sharpest starship, but with Picard's battle experience facing the Borg, the Romulans, and other assorted interstellar bad guys its also captained by one seasoned skipper. At least, that's what logic would tell us. In Nemesis, one of Starfleet's most decorated captains charts a course through a nebula deep within enemy territory without backup or support. If Reginald Barclay commanded the ship this severe blunder might make sense, but someone with Picard's war record would know better.
Except we know from both The Wrath of Khan and The Best of Both Worlds that a nebula can make an excellent short term hiding spot and interferes with both shields and sensors. Since a cloak would represent a type of shield, it's quite possible it wouldn't have worked in the nebula either.

I think you owe Picard an apology...

Exhibit C: Shinzon.

Why isn't he dead? What would be the point in keeping him alive? If the Romulan government thought the strategy which begat his existence would provoke a war , then it would make sense to just kill Shinzon outright. Dead men tell no tales, and Shinzon being alive in a prison represented a future liability for the Romulan government. What if he got out and instead of building secret ships and co-opting the local slaves, petitioned Earth for asylum? Talk about a political scandal. Thus the movie's sorry explaination for his custody by saying "they sent me there to die" makes even less sense. If the entire point of Shinzon's exile to Remus was death, why not put a disruptor to his head and end the matter?
Your overthinking this one. The Romulans never figured a human boy could survive the brutal conditions on Remus.

Exhibit D; Picard as a 70 year old Jack Bauer.

The scene of Picard beaming over to the damaged Schimitar to shut down the doomsday weapon was pure schlock. Why not beam a phaser into the damn reactor core and have done with it? Assuming that's too much of a bother, it doesn't say much about Starfleet's security corps if out of a crew of hundreds the most combat-capable crewmember is the 61 year old Captain of the ship!
Patrick Stewart is the star of the series and takes home the biggest paycheck. The audience goes to see him, not some twenty year old marine no one has ever heard of before. This is just the simple fact where a movie isn't going to match reality in this type of situation.

Exhibit E: Kolarus III

So, the Enterprises' sensors can detect a positronic signal from millions of miles away, but they missed the hoard of very sunburnt offroaders with machine guns on their rigs?
Pretty bad abuse of magical technology. Agreed.

Exhibit F: "Praetor" Shinzon?

Just how did wily Shinzon find time to cut deals with the Romulan military while he was toiling in prison? Yes , he served on the Roumulan side for the Dominion War, but what general is going to disobey his chain of command and entire governing authority to swear loyalty to a PRISONER? If the Romulan military wanted a war with the Federation so bad, they'd just nuke the Senate themselves and call the shots. I also rather doubt that a human would ever run the military of a stratified ,xenophobic, and imperialist society like Romulus.
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