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Re: Phase II "Going Boldly" (new vignette)

I am one of the people who while really interested in the 'lost series' of what could have been if they hadn't made TMP, but didn't want to see the transition over to the Phase 2 version of the Enterprise and was glad when previously the decision not to was made.

When watching your clip and realised that it was happening, I will be honest I was thinking I was going to hate it, but then when I saw what had been done to merge the two Enterprises I actually really like it! Im not normally one to hate an alternate take on the bigE, I love the re-imagined versions made by some of the guys in the Art section and even like the 2009 version. The mix of a fresh new Enterprise but with the classic costumes and sets will be incredible!

I think this is akin to fans of the RTD Who series accepting with a new Doctor came a completely new Tardis.

Good work and looking forward to seeing the last episodes with the old Kirk and the 'old' old girl as well as the new Kirk and his Enterprise…in fact this has given me inspiration to start doing some 3d modelling again!

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