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Re: Wesley Crusher: Racist

I don't blame Wesley. Benzites all look alike to me, too. I'm sure if Wesley had known his friend longer than a few days (to be physically around him), he'd have picked up on specific nuances and body language and that would have clued him in that the other Benzite was a different person.

It's when we're not used to specific groups of people that we have trouble differentiating them. Even cats - somebody once asked me how I could tell my two tuxedo cats apart. Well, considering one was bigger than the other (and male, vs the smaller female), and their markings were noticeably different, plus the fact I'd raised both of them from kittenhood, their voices and body language were very different, the female was the mother of the male, etc.... But to somebody who knows very little about cats, they all tend to look alike.
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