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Re: What's next for Batman...

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I had a dream last night where Nolan was talking to me about wanting to make a 4th movie that would be set between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. I was surprised, but liked the idea and wondered how the public would react once news got out. We got to talking about what villains should be used and I said I wanted to see the Riddler, the Penguin and Poison Ivy because they were major ones who haven't been done yet.
The Riddler would have been perfect for a Nolan film as a Zodiac like serial killer or thief. The his worst he is usually played as basically a mob boss that runs a legit business on the side. When he is done well he is not a main villian. He's good for information or black market gear. Ivy could work as some sort of eco terrorist. But like the Penguin, don't think she'd make for a good main villain if only because without her wild plants her scheme would not be all that different from Ras Al Gul's in Batman Begins...using some sort of bio weapon to terrorize Gotham. Like Bane, she'd make for a good front for a bigger villain...perhaps Hugo Strange. Actually Strange would have made for an interesting antagonist for the third film. After the events of TDK, it would have been cool to have the Riddler and Ivy pop up to terroize the city only to have Strange be behind them both...As a rogue psychologist it would have fit in with some of the message of TDK that the mere existance of Batman makes it possible for these freaks to do what they do.
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