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Re: TNG era episodes into movie transitions idea..

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I agree that O'brien could have and should have gotten a cameo in First Contact. There's no reason he couldn't be on the Defiant for example. It wouldn't really add much to the movie save that "Hey, there's O'brien" but it would've been a nice cookie.
I'd say O'Brien in INS, more than anything.
We left off with O'Brien going back to Earth after the war.
Then next up, Riker and Troi are in Alaska for their wedding.
So what happened? Keiko and Miles didn't get an invite?

And they start tossing in Wesley and Guinan for cameos anyway... where's O'Brien? He's already back to Earth, so no one need to invent a reason for him being there (unlike, um, Wesley and Guinan).

I don't know if Meaney refused a cameo or had schedule problems or whatever. But I've never read of any plans to include O'Brien in the wedding scene... on Earth, where he already was. And he was fairly close to both Troi and Riker anyway, it was perfect.

And this was INS, where O'Brien doesn't make the cut... but in the deleted scene, they got Quark to show up??
Except Insurrection took place -during- the Dominion War(direct mention by Picard during the Fed joining ceremony at the beginning and by Ruafo about half way through)... I think you've confused Insurrection for Nemesis. And as far as I know Quark never was in the wedding party, even the deleted scenes. Do you have a link to back that one up?
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