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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

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I have to wonder if the Japanese were (in a way) incorporating aspects or aknowledging the U.S. 'Starblazers' version by having the tanks deployed on Saturn run by andriods. (My one dissapointment so far is it looks like the Analyzer robot isn't perverted and always molesting Yuki Mori, but hey, this version is still young.)
Supposedly the people who have the US rights to a ton of Yamato stuff and put out Starblazers are involved in producing this show, although I'm not sure whether it's just financial support or they do have some say in the show.

Also, I've heard that Leiji Matsumoto tends to have robots in stuff and since he designed the original characters, the show might be making a nod to his contributions on the original.
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