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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

Got my Blu-Ray disc number 2 (with subtitles) direct from Japan back on August 2; but finally had time to sit down and watch the next fours episodes yesterdy (Sunday), and I have to say I'm VERY impressed witn the fact that they'vce kept all the elements of the original story so far; and managed to all have it make more sense, logically too.

I like that in this version they were in fact awed and totally surprised by the actual power of the Wave Motion Gun; and that it still had problems (IE damaging the engine cooling system); and that as a result, Captain Akita did not want to use it agaisnt the Pluto base as they feared it could cause damage to the ship, or might completely destroy the planet.

I have to wonder if the Japanese were (in a way) incorporating aspects or aknowledging the U.S. 'Starblazers' version by having the tanks deployed on Saturn run by andriods. (My one dissapointment so far is it looks like the Analyzer robot isn't perverted and always molesting Yuki Mori, but hey, this version is still young.)

I also like the fact that there was a debate as to actually attacking the base and the downsides (IE possible destruction of or damage to the Yamato, rendering it incapable of completing the primary mission; not to mention the loss of time and that as a result they may not return to Earth before all human life is extinct.)

I like the fact that they portray both sides as tactically proficient (the gamalions are a tad over-confident, but given the situation up to the yamato launch, it's completely understandable. Also, the Satellite Reflector Gun was one of my favorite aspects from the original story, but I loved that:

- In this version the Gun had an actual military purpose, as they showed it being used to ignite and direct kuiper-belt objects towards the Earth (IE it's what creates and sends the 'planet bombs'). In the original version it was just there as a defensive weapon, but even back then, with the superiority the Gamelions had, IMO it made little sense that they would need it.)

- Again, in this version, the Yamato was having major issues tracing the actual origin source of the beam attacks. (and both sides were making sound tactical decisions as the battle progressed.) I felt the whole sequence was done better than in the original.

All in all I'm really loving what they've done with this updated version to date, and will be ording the third Blu-Ray disc.
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