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Re: Nuclear Wessels ad-libbed?

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If she was told not to speak, but did it anyway, why didn't they just edit her out altogether? They can't be obligated to pay her for saying lines that no one ends up hearing, do they?
My understanding is that Nimoy directed Walter and Nichelle to stand there and ask random passers by where they nuclear wessels were. None of the people they spoke to were in on ite. The woman came and gave that great answer and they loved her answer so much they signed her into the SAG so they could use her line in the film. The cop was a bodyguard, basically, in case anyone mobbed the famous Star trek actors.

Also: Was the cab driver in the Double Dumbass scene in on the filming, or was that hidden as well?
Yes. They had a bunch of drivers circling the block and they kept trying to get the timing right.
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