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Re: Re-watching Babylon 5 (* SPOILERS *)

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^ I didn't know that, so thanks. I meant to put Grail on the list of standalones (that's what happens when you pet when you're sick), but either way, you're still looking at a significantly higher number of episodes (19 out of 22) tying into the larger tapestry of things than is indicated by JMS in his commentary.
Grail has minor details thrown in; ripping from Wikipedia here :
  • Jinxo's explanation of his "curse" clarifies the circumstances of the destruction of the first three previous Babylon Stations, and indicates that the disappearance of Babylon 4 was particularly sudden and uncanny. (-> Babylon Squared)
  • While talking with Gajic, Delenn and Lennier indicate for the first time that the warrior and religious castes of Minbari are often at odds. (-> Points of Departure, Severed Dreams, the Minbari Civil War, etc)
  • Kosh's reply of "good" when told that the mystery of the Vorlon's true appearance has been misused to provoke fear among the population of the station hints at the deliberate manipulation he is engaged in. (-> The Fall of Night)
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