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Re: TNG era episodes into movie transitions idea..

I see what you're getting at. It's a good idea, I don't know why it never happened. I could imagine the suits gunning for the idea, using the series eps as giant promos for whatever movie might be coming up next.

Hell, UPN used VOY eps to promote wrestling programs on their network, among other things. But not a ST movie?

I know TNG had somewhat of a tie-in with TUC, using Unification as a big Romulan peace plot with Spock as TUC had a big Klingon peace plot with Spock. But that's not the same thing really.

And TNG had the crossover with DS9 with the "Birthright" two-parter, but even that was a wasted effort. Those TNG eps really had nothing to do with DS9 at all, so they couldn't even get a thing going between two concurrent series. to say nothing of a series with a feature film.

Yeah, I don't know why a transition or tie-in never really was used. You'd think it'd be good for the network/studio with the promotion, good for the fans to see the continuity porn, and so on. Huh.
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