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Re: Phase II "Going Boldly" (new vignette)

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No exposition is provided in any episodes as to why a refit before the refit was provided. The only relevant dialogue is in this vignette:

"This experimental engine design, if successful, is slated to be used in all future refits--Enterprise's included. Command wants them tested close to home."
Wasn't all the damage Big E took in B&F originally supposed to provide the rationale for the Phase II refit?
Yes--the damage in "Blood and Fire" would have set up the re-fit in the next episode. (We changed our mind, and then changed it again, of course.)

Additionally, these who vignette was designed to be an epilogue to "Blood and Fire." The memorial service was for Lt. Alex Freeman specifically with the casket's flag being given to Ensign Peter Kirk. In the end, Dave Galanter tweaked the script so that it was a generic memorial service recognizing a number of missing people.
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