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Re: Phase II "Going Boldly" (new vignette)

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So what were the events that lead up to this that caused deaths and damage to the ship? And it did it occur in one of the not yet released episodes..
Five people are mentioned by name; two of them are actual Star Trek Phase II production crew members (who we miss terribly). The memorial service scenes in this vignette are more for our cast and crew than they are for our audience; most of the tears are real.

Our two absent friends are:

* Anthony DiGregorio
* John Olson

(Their names also appear on a "In Memory Of" title card at the very beginning of "The Child.")

The other three are fictional characters:

* Lieutenant Commander Arell Dickerson (died in the opening teaser of "Enemy: Starfleet!")
* Lieutenant Mikhail Hodel (eaten by Regulan blood worms in "Blood and Fire")
*Lieutenant Alexander Freeman (took his own life at the end of "Blood and Fire" when death by the blood worms was imminent).

No exposition is provided in any episodes as to why a refit before the refit was provided. The only relevant dialogue is in this vignette:

"This experimental engine design, if successful, is slated to be used in all future refits--Enterprise's included. Command wants them tested close to home."
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