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Re: Continuum the new tv series!

The future is fixed.

but we should have known that since the pilot when the universe didn't vanish after Keira went back and we saw all that aftermath and crying..

I would have thought that Escher was older Alec who came back too.

But Escher is a woman.

(Stuff like this happens and I start to think that it's a clue that this is and artificial reality, which is for sure what i though when she went looking for Herbit George a few episodes back. but if you name your assumed identity after MC Escher, it's pretty obvious that you arrogantly consider yourself to be a complex 5 dimensional puzzle... The only more blatant "clue" would be to have a character called Mobeius.)

Did kagame have to die because there couldn't be two of him?

Because it was beautiful symmetry, or just because he always had, and had to to inspire Theseus?

That's balls.

Continuum isn't what I need, it's what I want.

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