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Re: Continuum the new tv series!

The finale was entertaining. Primarily, things are starting to piece together and it seems older Cancer Man Alec really is the mastermind who ochestrated everything. Likewise, it appears there are other people from the future who have infiltrated key positions in modern day as evidenced by the CSIS agent being told off by his superiors when he started figuring out Kiera is a fake.

This revelation I do and don't like. I do like it since it makes things a bit more believable that she's able to impersonate a special agent from a top secret government agency than the previously indicated "a teenage hacker made it seem that way." Unfortunately, it comes completely out of the blue. I understand, these people want to stay hidden and might even have assistance from Alec to remain hidden, but some sort of hint at any point throughout the previous ten episodes would have been nice.

I don't get why there would be so many casualties after the building blew up. The site was already being evacuated, and not that much time passed after Julian was apprehended and when Bra'tac -sorry- Kagame blew it up. There shouldn't have been that many civilians present. Plenty of police and other emergency serivces people, yes, and such a loss would be considered tragic, but I don't see how it would be the watershed event that makes a future where everyone is under a corporate police state possible.

The CG used to make Julian look older in the future scenes was pretty crappy looking. Yeah, I get it. They didn't have time to find a well-known Canadian actor who could be belived as him in sixty years, but still that looked really crappy.

Things weren't really made too clear with Ian Tracey's character. Am I correct in assuming he didn't really build a time machine and that's why Kiera left his apartment with her piece of the Terry's Chocolate Orange? Also, I don't want to be the guy who claims Star Trek did everything first, but was anyone else reminded of Captain Braxton from Voyager's Future's End? Guy from the future is stranded on modern day Earth, after doing some time in a mental hospital is left to live on the streets where he tries to warn people of future disasters but is thought of as a nut.

Overall, this show really isn't what I'd call a great program. The past three or four episodes, when they actually began moving the story arc were enough for me to keep interest and should the show return I'd probably watch it. But if it doesn't, I won't miss it either.
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