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TIL that when you take an umbrella with you because the weatherman says it's about to pour buckets, nothing happens. But when you don't take one with you just to walk down the road and buy a gallon of milk, you get wet.
Exactly. My mother taught me many years ago to carry an umbrella -- not to stay dry in the rain, but to keep it from raining in the first place.
There's an old joke/tradition - no longer observed, of course, and probably never really was - that an Englishman would never unfurl his black city brolly, regardless of the downpour.

It was popularised by a very eccentric (in many ways) Colonel by the name of Wintle who never unfurled his own brolly, except once to insert a note saying, "This umbrella was stolen from Col. A.D. Wintle".
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