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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Assassination, a common method of moving up through the ranks in the Terran Imperial Starfleet.
B is for Beards, which Vulcans in the Áverse tend to grow.
C is for Cochrane, who shot the first Vulcan to step onto Terran soil.
D is for Death and Destruction, which the Terran Empire gladly meted out to those who stood in its way or rose up to rebel against it.
E is for Earth which was a place ripe with cheap Terran slave labor.
F is for Forrest, Captain of the ISS Enterprise in 2155.
G is for the Gorlan Uprising, which the Mirror James T. Kirk crushed at some unspecified point prior to 2267.
H is for Hellish. The MU could be descibed as such for survivors of the Terran Empire.
I is for Imperial Star Ship, such as ISS Enterprise, NCC-1701
J is for James Tiberius Kirk. A man of action in both universes.
K is for Kira, bi-curious Intendant of Terok Nor. (Is it bi if you kind of have a crush on yourself?)
L is for Little. As in MU Starfleet female uniforms left little to the imagination.
M is for Marlena Moreau, the scheming and ambitious Captain's Woman aboard the ISS Enterprise in 2267.
N is for Nice bum (which Marlena Moreau had).
O is for Overhearing, which hidden spying sensors placed aboard Terran starships allowed certain officers to do to others' conversations.
P is for the Pain induced into victims of the agonizer. A tool of discipline onboard Terran starships.
Q is for Questioning. Harsh questioning. Under torture. Which some Terran officers liked to do.
R is for risque clothing.
S is for Spock's beard.
T is for the Terran Empire.
U is for Uhura's bare belly button.
V is for Very Corrupt, which the Terran Empire was on many levels.
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