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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

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Tout, right, I mean who wants to see it? Someone utter markish idiots blathering on. If they can attract more viewers via social media connectivity then they'll lose as many who don't like seeing bloody twits. Having a high social media profile is one thing; mentioning Twitter trending or how Facebook liked they are is another thing entirely from putting the fuckwits in their John Cena shirts on the screen. Ultimately, there is zero chance of a broadcasted Tout having anything interesting to say, so it can fuck right off.
Twitter is everywhere though, fair enough though, WWE and some other entertainment shows completely drive the point into you, without realising how irritating and interruptive of their programming it really is.

Here in the UK, even the ultra "proper" shows such as newscasts and documentaries by channels like the BBC have hash tags during the opening credits and many of the presenters even have their own Twitter profiles. I assume that it's more or less the same in the US and many other countries worldwide.

To be fair, it's not like WWE is going to broadcast Touts from those fans with inside knowledge about their product, nor the inevitable "IWC members" (I hate how people have taken that term as a badge of honour, when it actually doesn't mean what it claims to) trying to be smart by offering booking ideas and questioning why WWE is pushing or not pushing such and such.
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