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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Firstly, the novels are not yet up to speed - the events of Countdown are still several years away.

Secondly, some novels include references that seem to prepare for Countdown, e.g.
- reunification of RSE
- La Forge is a Commander again.
- Worf's mishap during the Dominion War will no longer prevent his promotion (Picard weighed in).
- Picard considers retirement and ambassadorship to Vulcan.
Yes, but several individuals have stated that they don't want the events of Countdown (including Data's resurrection/awakening) to happen in this continuity. Some have said Countdown won't fall into this continuity.

I do agree that that the potential career for Picard as a diplomat to Vulcan does show a possible progression to the state presented in Countdown.

Christopher, your explantion makes sense. So what IDW comics would you say have been included as part of the novel continuity or at least could fit into it?

Lastly, Amazon reviews of Fallen Gods shows five 3/5 stars and two 1/5. So not much love there. The reviews here are making an interesting bell curve.
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