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Re: Phase II "Going Boldly" (new vignette)

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Maybe I need to be brought up to speed here on what Phase II means... why the TMP nacelle design on the TOS ship? Didn't the new design make its debut in TMP?
The old, planned but aborted Star Trek Phase II revival series from the late 70s had an updated Enterprise. Ultimately, the series was scrapped--but The Motion Picture was made instead. The Motion picture also had a new Enterprise, too, of course--but it was a bit different from the Enterprise that was planned for the Phase II series. So the Phase II Enterprise is not the TMP Enterprise (although they are similar).

We are postulating that there was a refit before The Motion Picture refit. They are trying out the new engines and the new photon torpedo launcher and some new docking ports, but this isn't "the refit" that is being completed at the time of TMP. You can see that most of the ship still retains its TOS look. This is an earlier "halfway between TOS and TMP" refit.
Kinda like the Enterprise seen in the initial TMP ads?

Also, great video. I agree the effects are really well done, especially Arex.

I'm not sure about the pylons simply "plugging into" the secondary hull like that, but a minor nitpick.
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