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Re: Phase II "Going Boldly" (new vignette)

Perfection I say. In fact I did on Youtube as well.

But this just proves again that Phase II is, to me, the flagship of fan films. As much as I loved James as Kirk this new guy is great and brings his own flare to the role. And to finally see the Phase II Enterprise brought to life in a logical and interesting way makes this old Trek happy. I've heard about the ship ever since I was little and like it. Also, the way she was filmed with the Wrath Of Khan music is a great homage. The shot in both the Motion Picture and The Wrath Of khan, where we see the ship move in above us, so majestic and breath taking, is my favorite Star Trek shot off all time. It was good to see this Enterprise in the same manner and makes you love the old design and the refit all at the same time.

I give this an A+
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