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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

I liked the movie (I'd give it a B+), but it wasn't quite perfect.

-I didn't like how the Matthew Modine character ordered all of the police after Batman when Bane had just taken the Stock exchange hostage and murdered several people. His interest in capturing Batman was understandable, but his behavior in this scene goes above and beyond the behavior of any rational policeman. The scene could have easily been played with him diverting some (or even most) of the officers to capture Batman, and then Bane (being an intelligent villain) being able to evade the smaller contingent of men.

-I found it hard to believe that the trades Bane made in Bruce's name would have been upheld for more than three seconds. First, Bruce wasn't there; security footage can confirm that and Alfred could provide an alibi about his whereabouts. Second, the trade happened after the exchange had been taken hostage and everything had stopped. Wouldn't that look suspicious to...well, anyone?

-The reveal that Harvey Dent wasn't the hero everyone had been saying he was didn't feel as big as the end of the last movie made it out to be. There's a small moment between Blake (who wasn't even around in the last movie) and Gordon and that's it.

-Bruce is surprised that a fusion reactor can be weaponized? And only one scientist in the world (who even published his findings!) can do this? The neutron bomb is probably the least silly of the sf tech to drive the third act of Nolan's Batman films, though.

-I liked having Liam Neeson back, but Bruce discovers a key piece of information about Bane in a dream sequence? (Though, I suppose this information later turns out to be wrong).

Those points make it sound like I didn't like it at all, but I did. It's the only superhero movie I've enjoyed that's been released in the past two years. It seems that a sequel featuring Robin won't be made, especially by Nolan, but considering the nature of these things, I wonder if Warner Bros. won't try to make it happen.
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