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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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The fans are simply upset that this Batman was portrayed differently than - insert batman franchise minutiae/psychological profile from a decades old batman version.
I'm simply saying what I think. I'm not going to lie just so that my opinion is in line with what I think the majority wants to hear to win some sort of favor. If I wanted to do that, I'd go into politics.

Considering that this movie will be far more widely known than minutiae from the comics/etc, these are not valid criticisms.
Opinions are subjective. There's no such thing as an objective opinion when it comes to entertainment. It either entertains you or it doesn't. The movie was also very depressing to watch and I thought it took the superhero concept way too seriously. As I said, I like TDK, but TDKR took it too far. Again, an opinion.

My father, who never read a Batman comic in his life, also didn't like the movie. He didn't like that Batman kept getting beat up and he said we should watch movies to get away from the problems of in the real world.

You don't have to read a comic to not like the movie. If the other people like The Dark Knight Rises then, like I said way up thread, more power to them.

And such critics cannot seriously expect for the vast majority of viewers to share their emotional involvement with past batman incarnations - and their consequent butthurt.
I don't expect them to. Kindly put away your strawman.


One more thing:

insert batman franchise minutiae/psychological profile from a decades old batman version
TDKR was based on Knightfall (1993) and No Man's Land (1999). It's totally fair to compare how a film based on stories from the '90s compares to how Batman was portrayed in comics at that time.

And it's not that long ago. We're not talking about the Golden Age, or the Silver Age, or even the Bronze Age. We're talking about the '90s.

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