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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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The criticisms of the movie in this thread revolve almost exclusively around previous comics/etc with Batman:
The fans are simply upset that this Batman was portrayed differently than - insert batman franchise minutiae/psychological profile from a decades old batman version.

Considering that this movie will be far more widely known than minutiae from the comics/etc, these are not valid criticisms.

And such critics cannot seriously expect for the vast majority of viewers to share their emotional involvement with past batman incarnations - and their consequent butthurt.
As fans frequenting a BBS geared toward genre material it's hardly surprising remarks and criticisms will be more specific than those of a broader and more general audience.

I like the film even though it's not a version of the character I'd rather see. Other criticisms cited do go beyond that and are in regard to elements of plot and story and other things. And they are mostly fair criticisms even if one doesn't agree.
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