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Re: The Newsroom.

Being someone who has taken interest in many of the real-life stories surrounding the tragedy of 9/11, I enjoyed a number of the aspects of this episode detailing "5/1". These included disseminating the news on the death of OBL to people like the United Airlines pilots and the NYPD officers. Aside from these sentimental moments, I found the storyline to be a little on the thin side, but I am willing to forgive that aspect for a story focused on this content.

Unfortunately, the annoying love triangle (square?) from hell was also back in full force this episode and was teeth-grindingly awful. I really feel that these younger characters have de-evolved to the point where they seem to have very little contribution or purpose to any larger storyline and they seem to exist only for the telling of this absolutely cliche bad sitcom-quality love triangle. I find this to be a real shame as in the pilot, Jim and Maggie seemed to be two characters with a lot of storyline potential. That has descended to the point where I cringe anytime I see them on the screen. IMO, Sorkin's style of dialogue just doesn't work in an already extremely cheesy love triangle.


After seeing next week's preview, I'm going to throw out a small theory that came to me that Mac didn't actually "physically" cheat on Will but said so either because she felt guilty for considering it or felt it would hold back Will career-wise in some way or some other soap-ish reason that gives them another reason to get back together. This is based on just one line of dialogue from a preview so I'm not throwing all my money on it yet but thought I would put it out there.

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