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Re: Star Trek Continues - First Vignette Released

Very clever idea adding a tag to Turnabout Intruder.

The editing was indeed pretty sharp to my eye.

I agree with what others have said, Vic really does seem to be doing a Shatner impersonation here. Personally, I'd rather he found his own take on it, much like James has these days, but that's an entirely subjective opinion.

I think it's hard to judge the others on what's a really brief snippet, but I agree Chris Doohan was very good, and Grant Imahara does a pretty good Takei.

If I had a single criticism, it would have to be that the tone of the piece didn't quite work for me. It just seemed too light for something that came immediately after the preceding scene. That said, I'm probably bring modern sensibilities to the table on this one, so I realise it's not entirely off the wall given the style of the sixties.

Either way, there's a lot of good work on show here, and I'll be interested to see where it's going. Congrats to all.
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