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TIL that our society has gradually over a long span of time made sugar so pervasive in our foods that we've become addicted to it.
This, basically, is due to bad parenting: Breast milk is sweet, kids like this so when you stop feeding them this sweet milk they won't take the substitute... one way to make them is to sweeten the substitute and this is done in most of not all commercial products plus loads of baby-foods are actually extremely sweet -for things made out of peas, broccoli and whatnot.

Letting the older kids have fruit-juice or soda with their meals might make for a more smooth operation of the family at this time of day where tired adults, just home from work, only want a bit of peace and quiet with their meal and are in no mood to do their second job; the hard one called parenting.

Obviously the industry complies with the wishes of the consumer -they are not to blame (for once).

^Not my own theory, something I read years ago.

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