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I've seen some of Guude's MineZ videos and it looks interesting, but the lag looks very, very annoying. It's hard enough to kill zombies in SMP without taking damage, when they move as fast as a sprinting player it seems almost impossible.

Anyone experience the nether-void glitch? Sometimes when you enter or leave the nether the chunk doesn't load properly and you fall into the void, losing everything. I had heard about it, but I've used the nether a dozen times in 1.3.1 and didn't experience the problem until last night. I quit the game about a second before I died, I had highly-enchanted diamond tools on me that I didn't want to lose so I used NBTedit to teleport myself onto the roof of the nether and put myself into creative mode to punch a hole in the bedrock roof. Terrifying glitch, I can't believe this wasn't picked up by the snapshot players before release.
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