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Ziyal is having more surgery

Not a huge deal, just a follow-up to last year...

Back in March 2011, I had extensive neurosurgery to remove a chordoma, a rare primary bone cancer, from my sacrum. Y'all were amazingly supportive through that long and miserable experience. The good news is that I just had another set of scans done, and there has been no recurrence of the tumor.

The bad news is that the surgical wound never did heal properly...

Long story made short, I have a new plastic and reconstructive surgeon, still at Hopkins and highly recommended by several other docs. He's going to go back in and clean it out on Wednesday afternoon. Expects to discharge me on Friday.

Supposedly they're going to do the same things as last time to help me manage my PTSD -- no male caregivers (except obviously the surgeon himself) and so on. I'm more nervous about that part than the actual surgery.

Compared to what I've been through before, this is minor stuff. But prayers and support would still be very much appreciated. I'll have the iPad with me.

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