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Re: UT:TFV - Part II - Scorched Earths

Um ... I ... this ... um ... I mean ... wow ....

I really don't know what else to say. You have officially blown my mind. About everything. And that's hard to do.

More substantively, I very much like where you're taking Liu in his interactions with T'Ser. The Amon continue to be intriguing, though I find Donald's ... "Stepford-like" transformation ... disturbing somehow. That's not a "bad thing", of course. I accept your explanation for it, and can only assume that this is exactly the kind of reaction you intend. Liana and The Baron ..., never saw any of that coming. With your opening, you had me thinking that perhaps she was just biding her time until she could escape his clutches, but that clearly is not the case - though, I suspect it may well have been at one time. As I have commented before, I genuinely love the subtlety you frequently employ; for instance, how you merely drop the simple phrase "engramatic modifications" to explain the obvious changes in Liana's personality, and leave the rest to our imagination. Very nice! I also like your aptly elusive, yet perfectly evocative description of The Baron's "tapeworm". "Higgsware". Beautiful.

And with that, I am honestly left speechless. Very much looking forward to having my mind further blown.
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