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Re: Star Trek Continues - First Vignette Released

^Disagreement is cool. I just didn't get from it what you did is all. But different people have different tastes. Mr. Mignogna (how do you pronounce that? Is it Italian and the g is silent) was okay and I didn't think he was bad but I noticed he was doing Shatner's hand manurisms and stuff and it just was kinda like an impersonation to me. I didnt like it but it didn't turn me off to where I don't want to watch more. I want to see if he brings himself to the part and not Shatner I guess.

On lighting and production values it all looked like Star Trek to me so that was great!

I thought McCoy's acting was terrible and they should probably get a pro actor for that role or if he is they need a better director because he seemed really out of character to me. You may disagree but that's my two cents. Maybe people think I'm nuts for thinking so and that's cool so maybe it's just me.
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